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Posted by Blossom Shop Florist on January 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Uncategorized

Perfect Gift Ideas for a Long Distance Romance

It can be hard being in a long-distance relationship (LDR), but there are ways to make it easier. Regularly sending thoughtful, heartfelt gifts to let your other half know how much they mean to you and that you’re thinking about them goes a long way in reinforcing the bonds of love.

In fact, studies have shown that LDR couples are better at intimacy and communicating that local couples, which leads to happily-ever-afters for many. Here at The Blossom Shop, Charlotte’s top florist, we know quite a bit about love and romance and are here to guide you in the best way to keep the embers burning and the relationship thriving. Check out our selection of the best LDR gifts for your amour.

Best Gifts for Long-Distance Couples

Bronze and Silver bracelets with engraved coordinates

Coordinates Bracelets

These charming bracelets are a great way to keep you and your long-distance beau close to each other at all times. Each bracelet has the location coordinates of where the other person lives. Another alternative is to have both bracelets engraved with the coordinates of where you met each other. Either way, these subtle love tokens are unique to only the two which makes them extra special.

Cheerful spray roses in shades of pink accented with greenery


The world recognized symbol of love, it’s no wonder the rose is everyone’s favorite flower. Coming in a variety of gorgeous colors, each with its own meaning, roses are the perfect way to let your long-distance amour know how much you love them. Red roses are, of course, associated with romantic love and deep passion, but sending a mix of colorful roses or roses in an exciting bright color such as yellow or peach is always welcome surprises. For example, our Mix Spray Roses Vase, is a great example of the beauty of different-colored roses when grouped together.

Small Snake Plant in long planter


A living plant is a great gift to give your long-distance partner for numerous reasons. First, plants have proven mood-boosting benefits. Second, they are great air purifiers, and third, they freshen up any room. Plus, whenever your beau sees the plant, takes of it, nurtures it, and sees it thrive, he will think of you. If your partner lacks a green thumb, choose a plant that is hard to kill, like the Snake Plant, a striking plant with sword-like leaves that is also one of the best air-purifying plants around.

open photo book to pictures of couple on beach

Photo Book

Put all of your favorite moments with you and your other half into one easily-accessible photo book. A great way for each of you to enjoy a trip you took together or other memories, a photo book can be looked through when one of you is missing the other. Sites like Shutterfly make it easy to upload, arrange, edit, add text, and customize the book to make it a cherished keepsake both of you will cherish forever.

White and Tan stuffed doggie

Plush Doggo

Sometimes, you just want something to cuddle, and when it can’t be your boo, then the next best thing is a Plush Doggo. These soft, squishy, huggable stuffed animals are a great gift for anyone. When sent to your long-distance love, every time they hug it or have it around them, they will think of you making your bond that much stronger.

Furbo Pet Camera

Furbo Pet Camera

Speaking of cute animals, if you and your love share a pet together, then it’s important to keep that bond strong as well. A pet camera allows you (or your partner) to access a video and interact with little Fido or kitty. Call out the pet’s name, toss it some treats, and watch videos to see how fluffy spent his day.

When sending your long-distance beloved a gift, you just need to think of two things: it should be from the heart and should be something that will appeal to them. Remember, sending gifts regularly keeps the bond between you and long-distance love, and when in doubt, you can never go wrong with flowers. Fresh seasonal flowers have been given to lovers for as long as flowers have existed, and today, there’s nothing easier than sending a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to someone no matter how far away they are.