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Celebrate Your Loving Mentors with Thoughtful Blooms

The ultimate holiday of love, Valentine’s Day has evolved since its creation from being an ancient day of rituals to the modern commercial holiday revolving around love. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate many types of love, from Galentine’s Day and self-love to traditional romance, and here at The Blossom Shop, the top florist in Charlotte, NC, we are honoring the loving mentors in our lives that we sincerely appreciate. Mentors have a strong influence on our lives and work hard to guide us toward success. This Valentine’s Day, we are showing our gratitude and love for our favorite mentors with some beautiful symbolic blooms.

Show Your Gratitude with Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gifts for Teachers & Coaches

Teachers and coaches are some of the most common mentors deserving of our love. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show them they are respected and appreciated for the guidance, patience, and lessons they teach us. Great flower colors for both women and men are green for its symbolism of luck, youthfulness, and resilience or indigo for its symbolism of intuition, sincerity, integrity, and wisdom.

Gifts for Bosses & Coworkers

Many people develop close bonds with coworkers and bosses after working closely with them every day. Honor this friendship and everything they do for us by gifting a warm, bright, and cheery flower arrangement. Orange flowers are great blooms for the office because of their ties to enthusiasm, excitement, success, and joy. The warm hues of birds of paradise, in particular, are a great way to thank your coworkers and boss for always having your back and pushing you to achieve your best results.

Gifts for Mom & Dad

The ultimate mentors that guide us in our lives in a way few others cannot are our parents. They are some of the most deserving of our love and affection this Valentine’s Day. You can always count on your mom or dad to be your valentine, no matter how old you are. A fantastic way to show your love and gratitude for a parent or parents is through fresh and fantastic flowers. While moms may prefer dainty pastel-colored blooms, dads might prefer bold and sturdy flowers.

Gifts for Grandma & Grampa

Grandparents are significant mentors for many of us and are always there when we don’t know where else to go. You can always count on your grandmom or grandad to be excited to see you and shower you with love. A great way to celebrate your grandparents and express your appreciation and admiration for them, as family and as mentors, is with a thoughtful bouquet of flowers. Purple blooms, like orchids, are a great choice for their rich symbolism and exotic beauty. Purple flowers represent dignity, refinement, admiration, and elegance.

Gifts for Older Siblings & Trusted Friends

The friendships and bonds between older siblings or sibling-like friends are worth honoring. This Valentine’s Day, show your older siblings how much you love and appreciate the times they have been there for you with stunning stems and precious petals. The flowers with the strongest ties to sisterhood are goldenrod and blue aster. For brothers, ideal flowers are usually low-maintenance plants like succulents.

The perfect gift for anyone, flowers are sure to bring a wave of happiness to whoever receives them. Surprise your favorite mentor this Valentine’s Day with a bouquet from our wide selection of Valentine’s Day flowers here at The Blossom Shop!

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