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The Blossom Shop - Charlotte, NC

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Choose from the Best Valentine’s Day Selection by Ordering Early

Chocolates can be found in heart-shaped boxes, teddy bears are everywhere, and romance is in the air, which means Valentine’s Day is almost here. Our Charlotte florists at The Blossom Shop want to make sure you pull off a perfect Valentine’s Day, so we’re here to remind you to order your flowers early. Millions of bouquets are delivered every year for Valentine’s Day, which means our most sought-after designs, flowers, and colors will sell out quickly. Waiting too long to order your flowers could mean missing out on the perfect floral design for your Valentine.

More Reasons Why It’s Smart to Order Valentine’s Day Flowers in Advance


Timeless and classic. Our Deluxe one dozen long stem red roses come with premium green foliage and delicate accent flowers.

One Dozen Red Roses

1. Get a Good Delivery Time

The season of romance is our busiest time of the year, and our delivery schedules fill up fast. When you order your flowers early, you’ll have a better chance of securing a delivery time when you know your recipient will be available.

2. Don’t Stress Out (or Worse — Forget!)

The last place you should be on Valentine’s Day is scrambling in a crowd of last-minute shoppers, trying to find a decent bouquet and a half-decent restaurant with a table still available for dinner. Don’t risk wasting precious time for Valentine’s romance being stressed out or on the hook for having forgotten the holiday altogether.

orange and purple Dutch tulips and lush greenery in a clear glass vase.

Tulip Arrangement

3. Submit Special Requests

We do our best to accommodate all of our customers’ special requests, but if you plan to request a unique flower or customized design for Valentine’s Day, it’s essential that you order well in advance. We might need to place a special order with our supplier to get your flowers in time for the holiday, and flower suppliers are extremely busy this time of year.

4. Amplify the Anticipation

February 14th falls on a Friday this year, which makes it the perfect opportunity for extending the seasonal romance throughout the week. Deliver your flowers on Monday, so your sweetheart can enjoy them all week long.

When to Order Your Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Orders for Valentine’s Day can be placed weeks ahead. We usually start receiving orders in the middle of January. When our customers place orders in advance, it helps us know what quantities of particular flowers to have in stock. As a result, all our customers can get exactly what they want.

Twelve premium bright, cheerful assorted roses arranged with lush greenery and an accent flower like wax flower (pictured), seeded eucalyptus, or bells of Ireland.

Mixed Spray Roses Vase

Shop with a Local Florist for a Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Bouquet

When you order from a local flower shop, instead of from an online delivery service, you can expect to receive a high-quality product and exceptional customer service. Plus, ordering local supports our community! We source many of our flowers from local growers, which ensures your flowers are fresh and handled with care.

More Advice for Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Valentine

Long-stemmed roses and bouquets of pink and red flowers are classic standby designs for Valentine’s Day, but our florists are experts, and they’re here to help you choose the perfect bouquet for your special someone. Don’t be afraid to be clear with your sales consultant about what kind of flowers you are looking for; good communication is key to ensuring you receive a beautiful arrangement that both you and the recipient will love!