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Posted by Blossom Shop Florist on April 22, 2020 | Last Updated: May 13, 2020 Uncategorized

How Sustainable Floristry Is Helping the Planet

Flowers are some of the most precious gifts that grow from the earth. They bring beauty, fragrance, and heart-felt symbolic meaning to our lives. When we celebrate with flowers, it’s important that we don’t harm the environment in the process. Our Charlotte florists at The Blossom Shop focus on infusing our community with the joy of flowers, while also safeguarding the planet. We strive to practice sustainable floristry and provide our clients with eco-friendly flowers.

Flowers in a Field

What Are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

Eco-friendly flowers are those that are responsibly grown, sourced, arranged, and delivered with the health of the environment and humans in mind. Sustainable florists use eco-friendly flowers to minimize the potentially harmful impact our industry could have on the environment. These flowers tend to be grown slowly and naturally, using safe fertilizers, sustainable composting practices, and minimal energy.

How Florists Practice Sustainable Floristry

Florists work with natural products produced by the environment, so most practice eco-friendly routines while continuing to design and deliver stunning floral designs. One example is composting or donating unused blooms to ensure no flower goes to waste. Also, recycling design materials to minimize the use of non-recyclable materials, such as foam. When possible, bouquets are wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

Many florists also source their flowers from local, environmentally-conscious growers. This minimizes the impact of the delivery of flower shipments. Also, smart efficient delivery routes are utilized.

Growing Buds

What You Can Do to Help

If you want to reduce the impact your flower deliveries have on the environment, there are steps you can take in addition to choosing a sustainable, eco-friendly florist.

Recycle Your Vases

We always welcome clients to recycle their vases. Whether you want to take flowers home, have them delivered, or beautify your business with the regular delivery of floral accents, you can reuse your containers and save on the cost of your bouquets. If you simply have too many vases in your cupboard, we also accept recycled vases to be used in future designs. Reusing vases cuts back on the production of new flower containers and the number of vases going to rest at the local landfill.

Extend the Life of Your Flowers

You can also extend the life of your flowers by composting them to be used as future nutrients for your home garden. Another way to get more out of your bouquets is to learn how to dry flowers and use them in your home’s decor.

Choose a Local Florist

When you choose a local florist, like The Blossom Shop, for flower delivery, you’re doing your part to cut back on the impact of nation-wide flower deliveries.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

To learn more about recycling your vases and our eco-friendly practices at The Blossom Shop, we welcome you to contact us or stop by our flower shop.