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Posted by Blossom Shop Florist on January 27, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Uncategorized

Romantic Ideas for Couples to Do At Home on Valentine’s Day

People love to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s a day dedicated to love. Typically, couples would go out to crowded fancy restaurants and wait in long lines for a movie or club, but going out on Valentine’s Day is overrated! Instead, stay home this year and have a safe, romantic Valentine’s Day that will be a lot less expensive and a lot more memorable. Here at The Blossom Shop, Charlotte’s best local florist, we consider ourselves experts in flowers and romance. Giving your sweetheart flowers on this most romantic day of the year is, of course, a must, and then check out our list of fun and intimate at-home dates to do with your Valentine listed below.

At-Home Date Ideas that Fuel the Flame of Romance

Couple watching romantic move on couch at night

Stream a Live Concert of Watch a Romantic Movie

Many couples have similar musical tastes and watching a live concert of a favorite band is a great way to bond on Valentine’s Day. Get cozy on the couch, have plenty of snacks, and let the music carry you away. If a concert is not your thing, then stream a bunch of romantic comedies or several of your favorite movies to make a fun evening of guilt-free bingeing.

Scrabble board game with the scrabble tile spell Game Night

Game Night!

A little competition between couples goes a long way in stoking the flames of romance. Whether it’s chess, checkers, cards, or video games, fun activities done together keep relationships fun and healthy.

Order In

If you really want to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day, order in from your favorite restaurant. Avoid the crowds and waiting in line, and instead enjoy a romantic, gourmet dinner in the comfort of your home. Make it extra special by dressing up, placing vases of gorgeous flowers on the table, lighting candles, and playing your favorite romantic music for a night you won’t soon forget.

Young Couple Dancing in their living room ballroom style

Take an Online Class Together

For another fun and intimate activity, scroll through online instruction sites, like, to find a skill or hobby you and your partner would like to learn. From woodcarving to hip-hop, ballroom dancing, and learning how to paint, there are plenty of opportunities to discover a new passion together.

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20 Rose Cylinder

Spread the Love

Couple in front of a computer writing in a notebook

Create a Bucket List Together

Make a list of all the things you’d like to do or see in your lifetime and have your partner do the same. You can even include your whole family in this activity. You’ll be sure to find out something new about them. Keep it in theme with V-day by having heart-shaped treats and red décor.

Woman smiling at her bouquet of red roses

Send or Give Flowers

This may seem obvious; of course, you’re going to give your special someone flowers on Valentine’s Day, but think about others in your social circle who might also love to get flowers. Perhaps a sister, a single friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker. Spread the love by sending the gift everyone loves to receive….a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If you happen to be single this Valentine’s Day, show yourself some love by enjoying a favorite activity, such as reading a book, taking a bath, binge-watching a show your ex hated, and gifting yourself beautiful flowers – because you’re worth it!