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Smart Ideas For Crafting Him the Perfect Valentine’s Gift with Flowers

Flowers make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for men, and here’s why. Scientific studies indicate that they can improve men’s ability to communicate, leading to clear body language and extended eye contact. A survey by the Society of American Florists found that 60% of men would appreciate receiving a floral arrangement. Additionally, many men recall blooms making them happy when they were kids, whether they recognize the fresh fragrance of gardenias or the vibrant hues of crocuses heralding the arrival of spring. At The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re enthusiastic about helping you create the perfect Valentine’s Day floral arrangement tailored for him.

Tell Your Florist About Him

To help your partner get a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement tailored precisely to his tastes, share a complete portrait of his personality, preferences, and what brings him joy. Don’t hold back when it comes to fragrances, either; let your florist know which scents he likes, as this can shape the choice of blossoms. If your partner has ever shared stories of childhood flowers or if particular blooms hold sentimental value in your relationship, talk about that as well. By offering these insights, your florist can craft a bouquet that tells a story unique to your partner. Remember to share where the display will be placed, whether in the comfort of his home or a professional setting, as this can influence the overall design.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

While there’s no one flower color for men, data points out that certain hues have a widespread masculine appeal. Yellow blooms are famous for symbolizing good vibes and happiness, making them an ideal choice to acknowledge the bliss he makes you feel. Orange flowers provide a cheerful boost while conveying enthusiasm and warmth. Not surprisingly, red flowers remain a timeless selection in any bouquet, representing enduring romance and love. These colors tend to awaken a man’s senses, but you can always order a bouquet in that shade if he has a different favorite.

Select Contemporary Designs

There aren’t strict rules when thinking of Valentine’s Day floral designs that appeal to men either, but simplicity often works well. Going for a monochromatic or single-color scheme is a common choice instead of using a variety of flowers. A buttoned-up appearance with just one type of bloom, like tropical birds of paradise or crimson anthuriums, tends to align with male preferences. Look for clean, modern lines in the bouquet. However, if your sweetie loves the outdoors, you can consider a more natural design that reflects the vibe of a meadow. Achieve this presentation with flowing grasses, wildflowers, and elements that give a fresh, forest-gathered feel.

Consider the Vase Choice

When choosing vases for masculine Valentine’s Day flowers, prioritize sophistication and flow with the floral design. This strategy ensures that the lines transition smoothly from the blooms to the vase, akin to buttoning up a well-tailored suit jacket for a refined overall look. As for the vase’s shade and style, default to minimalist selections in understated or dark colors rather than ornate containers; this allows the flowers to shine. It’s also an opportunity to create impactful color contrasts, such as the intense combination of an onyx vase against a red rose.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

While flowers are lovely, you can enhance the gesture by pairing them with a complementary gift. For example, if your partner loves dining at new restaurants, surprise him by delivering the bouquet during your Valentine’s Day meal. If he plays music, customize the arrangement with musical accents or a keychain that looks like the instrument he plays. For sports fans, have your florist incorporate his team’s logo on the vase or tuck the game ticket in with the blooms. Your thoughtful consideration of his interests will warm his heart.

Breaking the mold and gifting flowers to men on Valentine’s Day can be a unique and touching way to show your love. Collaborate with The Blossom Shop for expert advice on crafting a personalized bouquet that speaks to his heart.

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