The Blossom Shop - Charlotte, NC

The Blossom Shop - Charlotte, NC

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Spotlight on The Blossom Shop’s Furriest Family Member

Any customer walking through our historied door might marvel at the quaint charms of the old building, noting the “established by” date on our sign (1929). She will pause to imagine another customer walking through that same door in another era. However, she might not pause long enough to notice a sweet furry friend of the shop, an esteemed mascot in a long line preceding him.

Bob Makes His Entrance

Bob first graced The Blossom Shop with his presence a couple of years ago, meowing at the back door. A distinguished, long-haired, friendly guy, he stood out from any other outdoor cat that may have shown up, because Bob has presence! Bob has pizazz! Bob has cute little tufts of fluff and a whole lot of meow! Bob’s personable, commanding attitude from day one landed him his human name. The Blossom Shop’s dedicated team of florists knew he wasn’t going anywhere—and he’s been here ever since. All animal lovers know that the animal chooses you—you don’t choose them— and Bob is no exception.

Walking into Blossom in the early morning, a customer might hear Bob’s name being called somewhere toward the back of the shop. The florists aren’t yelling for a driver to come collect a beautiful arrangement for delivery. Rather, they’re willing that “Top Cat” to pull himself from a deep slumber in his greenhouse, where he loves to lounge in gentle warm rays all year-round. Though he has three fluffy, cozy beds to choose from in his greenhouse, he is most likely asleep behind a peace lily or sitting in a cardboard flower box.

Bob’s Day Begins

The greenhouse is a paradise for Bob—no matter the weather. He stays warm and cozy, all while feeling like a true king of the jungle. If Bob is so inclined, he yawns, stretches, and meows in response to that call from his dedicated fans, letting everyone know he is on his way to the backdoor of the main building where his endless supply of treats and affection waits.

During a quick break or quiet moment for the staff, Bob might appear when beckoned, but that is only if Bob’s busy duties as shop cat allow it. If he does, it’s to everyone’s delight. He meows a “hello,” roughly translated to “pick me up” or “follow me over here where you may attend to my needs more precisely.” He manages somehow with his intonation to demand to be put on the table and brushed. Although Bob is a large tomcat, King of the Greenhouse, and purveyor of the land, much like his coat, he is in fact a big softie. Bob cannot resist head scratches or pats. If brushed correctly, Bob even rolls over, belly-up, just saying thank you, and how pleased he is to be here.

Bob’s Favorite Activity 

As the day starts to stretch on and move further from breakfast and into the afternoon, Bob pauses out of his busy day of surveying the property, checking to make sure there are no aphids in the greenhouse, and greeting suppliers. It’s been a long time since breakfast and no one has given him his daily brush, so Bob halts all shop cat activities. Clearly, he knows something must be terribly wrong because time with Bob is the best part of everyone’s day. So around two or three p.m., Bob marches to the backdoor, which is ajar for suppliers and deliveries to go in and out smoothly.

His green eyes are glowering at everyone busy at their stations, taking orders or sizing up the perfect height of the designs, Bob will kindly excuse the mistake and let everyone know with a long, clear MROW: “I’m not going anywhere until someone gets that brush that I like so much.” And he means it—that meow won’t quit! Eventually, one of Bob’s humans will walk back and get his favorite brush, making sure that his long double coat, a tawny tabby taupe with white underbelly, neckerchief, chin, and paws, is brushed out to perfection.

Sometimes Bob likes to make the work harder for his personal attendant; he has the lucky position of laying out on the driveway when the drivers leave for the day, rolling around a bit to mark his territory, letting any other cat who may come around aware that Blossom already has an owner, and he’s not interested in sharing.

If Bob has been outside the building, checking on the rosemary or the flowerbeds, or laying in the sun between Greenhouse and shop, he might be in need of an extra brushing—not that he ever complains about it. In fact, he might tap the lucky attendant’s shoulder to let them know what a good job they’ve done once they’ve finished, and they now have the honor of giving him a treat…or four. Bob typically will not accept a treat until he is done being pampered; it’s only after he’s had his fill of head scratches and rubs that he will move on to Friskies.

Bob Loves Meeting New People

For the comfort of any customer who may have an allergy or aversion in our office and showroom, Bob typically does not go beyond the back door or cut flower supply room. However, those who wish to find Bob will, with a little attention to detail. If the front door is ever open to catch a spring breeze, Bob may quickly run through, as the shop is, after all, his place. He might be found sitting on the porch if he finds the sun shining in a pleasing way, or playing amongst the greenery out front. With a little bit of patience, he warms up very quickly to a friend of The Blossom Shop.

Bob’s fan club is always open to new members. All that requires is a visit to our Park Road location (so that Bob’s antics may be seen and appreciated in action), a love for flowers that is equal to Bob’s (simple, in a place where love for the most beautiful fresh cut flowers and plants is paramount), and an appreciation for the dedicated work of the shop cat, whose invaluable work is never done.