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The Blossom Shop - Charlotte, NC

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60 Unexpected Moments to Send and Receive Fresh Flowers and Create Smiles

Many of us follow the tradition of gifting fresh flowers on special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, at The Blossom Shop, the top florist in Charlotte, North Carolina, we believe in surprising your loved ones with blooms “just because” on any day. The date on the calendar doesn’t matter because there are countless reasons to show your gratitude, express your appreciation, and proclaim your love for all to hear.

Let the language of flowers speak on your behalf, whether it’s bringing happiness with daffodils, honoring a friend with chrysanthemums, or showing your deepest love with timeless roses. Combine the bouquet with a sincere card message, and you’ll have a gift that makes an ordinary day extraordinary. We’ve compiled 60 reasons why ordering fresh flowers today should be on your to-do list.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. Your engagement anniversary is on the horizon
  2. You have a special birthday coming up
  3. You were kind enough to make your partner’s lunch all week
  4. You always scrape the cat box so your partner doesn’t have to
  5. You pulled a bunch of late nights at the office all month long
  6. You carefully organized all the closets in the house
  7. You had incredible breakthroughs in therapy
  8. You remind your partner to study a new language every day
  9. You feel sad after fighting with a family member
  10. You broke your previous 5K record
  11. You turned old, worn-out furniture into a work of art
  12. You read the kids bedtime stories each night all week
  13. You are finally feeling better after COVID-19
  14. You have FOMO because you have to miss a party
  15. You made your partner’s favorite dinner recipe

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They have supported you in every way since day one
  2. You finally paid your student loans off with their help
  3. You needed a co-signed for your apartment and they stepped up
  4. Your room is always ready for you at home
  5. When your sibling needed support they didn’t hesitate
  6. You watched a film that made you think of your mom
  7. You thought of your dad because you had to change a tire
  8. You are grateful they let you stay at their place
  9. They took their doctor’s advice and have benefited from it
  10. They upgraded their home entertainment system without asking you for help
  11. They finally retired and you’re happy for them
  12. You needed help with your taxes and they were there
  13. They opened their mind and tried a new kind of food
  14. They did a good deed for someone they didn’t know
  15. You wouldn’t want your parents to be any different

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. You cleaned out your closet and made a ton of room
  2. You managed to do one pull-up and you’re proud
  3. You need a post-holiday pick-me-up
  4. Your boss gave you a sincere compliment on your work
  5. You hit a 365-day streak on your language-learning app
  6. You bit the bullet and applied for grad school
  7. You baked a perfect loaf of bread
  8. You got all of your files in order and are proud of yourself
  9. It’s drab and brown outside and you want color in your space
  10. You are planning to host a surprise party for a friend
  11. Your in-laws are visiting and you want to spruce the place up
  12. You found someone’s wallet and returned it to them
  13. An influencer you follow responded to your message
  14. You finally managed to stop drinking soda
  15. You loved what you saw in the mirror

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You’re having a bad day
  2. You’re having a good day
  3. It’s your birth month/your zodiac season
  4. You’re celebrating the small wins in your career
  5. You nailed that presentation
  6. You just completed a class and learned a new skill
  7. You checked off your first bucket list item
  8. You finally finished that project you’ve been putting off
  9. You’re proud of yourself for keeping your cool during a political conversation
  10. You’re hosting a party with friends and family
  11. Your fur baby doesn’t have money to buy them for you
  12. You’re a single parent and killing it!
  13. Miley Cyrus reminded you that you can
  14. You’re feeling the seasonal shift and want to lean into it
  15. You spotted your favorite blooms in the window of your favorite flower shop

Whether you order a bouquet featuring their favorite blooms or an arrangement that conveys a heartfelt message, there’s never a wrong time to share love, gratitude, and happiness with the gift of fresh flowers. The Blossom Shop is here for you, eager to transform ordinary days into memorable celebrations.