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Affordable Yet Elegant Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to enjoy friends and family, eat your favorite traditional holiday foods, and reflect on everything you’re thankful for. If this year is not your turn to host Thanksgiving, and you get to arrive as a guest instead, count yourself blessed, but also realize you still have some responsibility. It’s unacceptable to show up empty-handed, so make sure you have a thoughtful hostess gift in hand when you step into your host’s home.

There are plenty of amazing gifts that qualify as hostess gifts, and choosing the right one for the right occasion can mean everything when it comes to blessing your hostess for her time and energy, not to mention your invitation. Take a look at some of these suggestions from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte and let them inspire you to find the perfect hostess gift this year.

Arrive in Style with a Hostess Gift at Thanksgiving

A stunning display of premium fall blossoms are are sure to make an impressive statement. This arrangement features, roses, sunflowers, snapdragons, bells of Ireland and many other flowers abundant in the autumn season.

Abundance of Autumn

First of all, it’s good form to bring a hostess gift anytime you’re a guest in someone else’s home. Period. But when we consider Thanksgiving and everything that goes into making this day a success, it’s easy to see why a token of your appreciation will be appropriate. Your hostess will not only be prepping and cooking food, but she’ll also be cleaning and decorating, preparing for a large number of people to eat and drink in her home, and making sure everyone is happy and entertained the entire time. Bring her a gift that thanks her for her efforts and shows her how grateful you are.

Perfect Gifts for Your Friendsgiving Host

While still relatively new, Friendsgiving is a spin on the traditional Thanksgiving meal, with a few twists. Instead of relatives you hardly ever see, this day is spent with close friends, neighbors, or co-workers that you might actually spend most of your time around. It’s also typically celebrated on one of the weekends prior to Thanksgiving, allowing everyone to still scatter for their family celebrations on Thanksgiving Day. If you’re invited to a Friendsgiving, be ready to pitch in, bring a side dish, and help with setting up or cleaning up. Here are some great gifts toward that end:

Celebrate fall with this sublime combination of white hydrangea, cymbidium orchid blooms, ranunculus, roses, and other seasonal flowers.

Fall Festival

  • Chic Decor: A gorgeous, trendy floral design like our Fall Festival bouquet will make an outstanding focal point for your host’s dining or serving tables.
  • Cool Serving Utensils: Choose decorative cheese knives or a set of hand-carved wooden spoons- anything that helps your hostess serve all the delicious dishes being brought for the occasion.
  • Leftover Containers: An extra set of plastic containers with lids will turn out to be incredibly helpful during cleanup when your hostess is looking for ways to send or store leftovers.

Charm Your In-Laws when They Host Thanksgiving

lit purple candle

Scented Candle

Whether it’s the first time or has become a long-standing tradition, it’s a good idea to make a strong impression from the start with your in-laws. Bring your hostess something classy and beautiful that they’ll enjoy even after the day’s celebrations. Here are some creative ideas:

  • Pumpkin-shaped Pie Plate: A fun dessert plate with a holiday theme can be brought out each year. What a great way to let your mother-in-law know how much you love her pumpkin pie!
  • Fall-Scented Candle: Infuse their home with the fresh scents of apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice when you give a lovely candle.
  • Thoughtful Day-After Flowers: Arrange ahead of time to have gorgeous flowers like our Pumpkin Spice Bouquet sent to your hosts to say Thank-You the day after you leave.

Surprise your Family with Not-So-Traditional Hostess Gifts

If your plans include a predictable family gathering with the same relatives in the same home eating the same yummy dishes as usual, bring something that stands out to let your hostess know you appreciate her annual spread and help her relax when it’s over.

Blazing colors of red, orange and gold nestled in a cement log planter.

Fall Fireside

  • Rustic Floral Design: Send or bring a rustic fall floral design like our Fall Fireside arrangement to share with your hostess and other guests. Whether displayed on the serving table or in the living room, your hostess will love the extra beauty you bring to the table.
  • Group Games: Add to the entertainment value of the day with a fun conversational game that gets everyone talking. Your hostess will love the help with the crowd and the whole family will make lasting memories.
  • Relaxing Spa Set: Your hostess is working hard and will crave a little time to relax when it’s all over. A bath or spa set she can enjoy when the company’s gone will be just the thing to unwind.

No matter how you plan to spend Thanksgiving, if you’re not the one roasting the turkey, plan on bringing something to bless the people who are. A fabulous hostess gift is not just appropriate- it’s an important part of showing your thankfulness. And isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? For more creative ideas about what to give, talk to the professionals at The Blossom Shop. We’re here to help you make Thanksgiving fabulous.