Rose boutonniere

Rose Boutonniere

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A creamy white rose boutonniere with beautiful accent foliage.  Also available in red, light pink, hot pink, yellow, and orange.

At The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC, the Rose Boutonniere is the epitome of classic charm and sophistication. A single creamy white rose, the star of this delicate accessory, is chosen for its full, inviting bloom and enchanting fragrance. It sits proudly amidst a selection of accent foliage, adding depth and contrast to the softness of the rose's petals. The greens are not merely a backdrop; they are carefully selected for their rich texture and the way they complement the pristine beauty of the rose. Our Rose Boutonniere is not just a floral piece; it's a statement. It embodies elegance for those special events where every detail counts, whether a wedding, prom or a distinguished gathering. Available in a spectrum of colors—classic red for romance, light pink for gentleness, hot pink for a touch of boldness, sunny yellow for joy, and vibrant orange for enthusiasm—there's a hue to suit every suit, every personality, and every occasion.

Let us at The Blossom Shop adorn your lapel with this timeless symbol of grace. It's more than a tradition; it's a personal touch that adds to the memories of your special day. Whether you choose pure white for its timeless elegance or another color to express your individuality, the Rose Boutonniere is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

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