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Complete your ensemble with a corsage, wristlet or boutonniere.

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Browse corsages and boutonnieres ready for pickup in our Charlotte flower shop! Or, order a custom design to match your date's dress or tux. 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed from The Blossom Shop florist in Charlotte. 

Wearing wearable flowers like corsages and boutonnieres from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC, adds a touch of elegance and personal expression to any special occasion. Whether it’s for a prom, wedding, formal event, or any significant milestone, these floral accessories serve as a beautiful complement to your attire, symbolizing the importance and uniqueness of the event. The Blossom Shop, with its expertise in floral design and a keen eye for detail, crafts each corsage and boutonniere with precision and care, ensuring that these wearable flowers perfectly match your style and the significance of your celebration. Opting for corsages and boutonnieres from The Blossom Shop means having the opportunity to select from a wide range of flowers, colors, and styles. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of roses, the delicate beauty of orchids, or the vibrant charm of daisies, The Blossom Shop can create a piece that resonates with your taste and the occasion's theme. Moreover, these wearable flowers are not just decorative items but symbols of love, respect, and commemoration, enhancing the wearer’s connection to the event and the people being celebrated.

Sending a corsage or boutonniere from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC, as a gift is a thoughtful way to mark someone’s special day, showing them they are in your thoughts and part of your celebrations even from afar. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes, conveying affection and esteem through the beauty and language of flowers. Whether attending the event or sending your best wishes from a distance, choosing wearable flowers from The Blossom Shop adds a personal and memorable touch to any significant occasion.

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