Business Services

Business Services

As Charlotte's most skilled florist, we are in a unique position to help your business. Whether it's celebrating employees or help with thanking your customers, we can make the experience exceptional. We have provided floral arrangements for large and small corporate events, office workplace greening, and for corporate outreach events across the Charlotte area.

For Customers
Say thank you to your customers and clients through the unique gift of floral arrangements. The Blossom Shop can help you strengthen your brand as you share thoughtful gifts with customers and prospects.

For Your Team
Employees are the most important asset of most organizations. They create, develop, manage, process, deliver... nothing gets done without them. Thoughtful gift giving is so important, and The Blossom Shop has several options available to help managers do just that.

Let Us Help
Get in touch with us so we can help you coordinate a plan designed just for your business. Contact us at (704) 376-3526 or visit our Customer Service page to drop us a note and one of our experts will be in touch.

Tall, colorful floral arrangements in a hotel lobby

Gift Ideas

We'll make your business look great with the following services:

  • Occasion-Driven Arrangements
  • Gift-Giving Programs
  • Office Décor
  • Events & Parties
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruiting & New Hire Arrangements
  • House Accounts