Modern Love

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Modern, minimalist display of roses nestled in a white ceramic bowl.

Available in many colors!  

Step into a world where romance meets contemporary elegance with Modern Love from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC. This is not just an arrangement; it's a declaration of love that speaks volumes in its modern, minimalist presentation. Envision a generous cluster of velvety roses, each petal unfurling like the chapters of a love story, nestled in the embrace of a pristine white ceramic bowl. We celebrate love in all forms and understand that each love story is unique. Modern Love comes in a kaleidoscope of colors, offering a custom experience for your special moments. Whether it's the passionate red for an anniversary, the pure white for a new beginning, or the sunny yellow for a friendship turned into something more, we have a hue to express every beat of your heart.

At The Blossom Shop, we pride ourselves on creating more than just floral arrangements—we create experiences that last beyond the blooming period of any flower. With Modern Love, simplicity is at the forefront, allowing the natural beauty and color of the roses to take center stage, making it a perfect statement piece for any modern home or a grand gesture for someone who appreciates the beauty in simplicity. Let us help you convey your emotions with a contemporary twist that will leave a lasting impression.

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