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House of Rosadale Home of Funerals

House of Rosadale Home of Funerals

In moments of sorrow and remembrance, sending sympathy flowers from The Blossom Shop to House of Rosadale Funeral Home in Charlotte, NC, carries a heartfelt message of comfort and support. We at The Blossom Shop craft each arrangement with the most profound empathy, understanding flowers' significant role in expressing condolences. Our floral tributes are designed to beautify a space evoke memories, and offer solace. Classic selections like the serene white lilies, representing peace and purity, and the timeless elegance of roses, symbolizing love and grief, are often chosen for their meaningful symbolism. We also offer a variety of arrangements featuring soothing colors and soft textures, creating an atmosphere of gentle comfort.

The Blossom Shop team is committed to handling your order with sensitivity and attention to detail, ensuring timely and respectful delivery to the House of Rosadale Funeral Home. Each bouquet and arrangement reflects your heartfelt sentiments, a symbol of shared sorrow, and a tribute to a life remembered.

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5216 E. Independence Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28212

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