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Carmel Hills

Carmel Hills

Sending flowers to Carmel Hills, a charming retirement community in Charlotte, NC, is a delightful way to convey affection and brighten the days of its residents. For these special acts of kindness, The Blossom Shop is recognized as the best local florist, celebrated for its outstanding quality, innovative designs, and dedicated customer service.

At The Blossom Shop, they appreciate the impact that a thoughtfully arranged bouquet can have, especially in the lives of the residents at Carmel Hills. Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or simply to express ‘thinking of you’, their floral creations are designed with the recipients' happiness in mind. They offer a variety of options, from vibrant and vivacious arrangements that bring energy and joy, to more refined and elegant bouquets that add a touch of serenity and grace.

The commitment of The Blossom Shop to using the freshest flowers means that each arrangement not only impresses upon delivery but continues to enchant and uplift for an extended period. Their personalized service is what truly sets them apart. They understand that each delivery to Carmel Hills is more than a floral arrangement; it's a gesture of care and connection. This dedication to creating beautiful experiences through their flowers is why The Blossom Shop is esteemed as the best local florist. Every delivery they make to Carmel Hills is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact, bringing joy and color into the lives of its cherished residents.

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2801 Carmel Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

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