Blooming Plants

Lovely blooming plants light up any room!

Favorites in Flowering Plants

No matter the reason or the season, The Blossom Shop florist has various blooming and flowering plants ready for same-day hand delivery to your loved one in Charlotte or across the country. Browse our assortment of azaleas, hydrangea plants, mums, amaryllis, kalanchoe plants, blooming garden baskets, and more. Order online or call us today! 

Sending blooming plants from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC, is a beautiful way to bring lasting beauty and a touch of nature into the lives of your loved ones. Blooming plants are gifts that keep giving, offering a continuous display of flowers and serving as a living reminder of your thoughtfulness and care. Unlike cut flowers, these plants can flourish for months or years with proper care, providing enduring joy and beauty.

The Blossom Shop, with its reputation for quality and exceptional service, offers a diverse selection of blooming plants, including vibrant African violets, elegant orchids, cheerful begonias, and many more. Each plant is carefully chosen for its beauty and longevity, ensuring that your gift will be appreciated and enjoyed over time. Moreover, sending a blooming plant from The Blossom Shop in Charlotte, NC, is a thoughtful way to mark special occasions, celebrate milestones, or brighten someone's day. Whether for a birthday, an anniversary, a get-well-soon gesture, or as a symbol of gratitude, a blooming plant is a meaningful and sustainable choice. It's a way to connect with nature, enhance indoor spaces, and promote well-being, making blooming plants a genuinely joyful and appreciated gift.

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